No Cash? No Problem. Pay for parking with your phone.

About CallToPark

With your FREE CallToPark account you’ll easily pay for parking with a single phone call using our automated system, or with your smartphone using our mobile web app. Your CallToPark account comes with many convenient features.

How it Works



Use the App

Call the number posted on the sign at your parking location. Take note of the Lot Number (also posted on the sign) and your license plate number. Then simply follow the automated instructions.

Use your smartphone or other mobile device & visit the CallToPark web app to pay for parking.

Why CallToPark?

Don’t worry about not having any money in your wallet to pay for parking. In a few short minutes you’ll be able to pay for parking with your cell phone.

In a hurry? Park your car and pay with the convenience of your cell phone. CallToPark system eliminates the need for cash payments.



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